Cat Owner Hacks

By Fred Foster – March 13, 2022
Image by Reddit

If you are a cat owner you are quite special, there is a unique bond between you and your feline friend. Cats, despite being viewed as distant, do indeed form deep emotional bonds with their owners. In order to make sure your cat is living their best life, here are 26 cat owner hacks that you must know. These hacks are sure to make both you and your cat’s life a bit more comfortable.

1. Hidden Litter Box

Get rid of the panel on your cabinet door, and then add curtains with a rod to camouflage the litter box.

2. Indoor Grass Lounge

Create a small bed of grass for your cat to lounge one

3. Cat Shelf Jumps

Mount IKEA lack wall shelves to create floating stairsteps for your cat to jump on.

4. DIY Exercise Tower

Take an old bookshelf and cut squares out from each shelf to create a cat exercise tower.

5. Cat Hammock

Using a cloth and some velcro straps, make an under the table or under chair hammock for your cat.

6. DIY Cat Tent

Who doesn't love a good upcycle project? Using two hangers and an old t-shirt you can easily make a tent for your cat to snuggle in. 

7. DIY Tupperware Puzzle

Keep your cat entertained by cutting several medium-sized holes into the lid of your tupperware and stick inside a few of their favorite toys. The trick is to burn the inner edges of the cutouts as not to cut your cat and watch as they try to get their toys out from within the tupperware holes.

8. DIY Petting Station

Using toilet bowl brushes, you can create a self-petting station for your cat to pet themselves against it.

9. Smart Litter Box

Using an organization bin with a lid, you can cut out a hole for your cat to climb through and use as a litter box, keeping your cat's litter box from getting messy.

10. DIY Scratch Post

By gluing a piece of a carpet sample to a piece of wood, you can create a scratch post for your cat to play with.

11. DIY Cat Toy

Taking an empty tissue box and removing the lid to fill up with empty toilet paper rolls with the open end glued to the bottom of the box, your cat can have fun sticking his paws in and out of it.

12. Screen Door Hack

If your cat has the bad habit of damaging your screen door, screen tape will change your life and prevent future damages once and for all.

13. Shelving Unit Scratch Post

By using a single shelf unit, you can create a double-purposed item for your cat, both a bed and a scratching post.

14. Board Game Lounging

By flipping the lid of a game box, your cat has yet another place to lounge next to you as you work. Feel free to add comfy pillows inside the led for your cat as well. This is a great alternative, especially if your cat loves to lay on your keyboard.

15. Soft Paws

Instead of declawing your cat, this is a great alternative, and you can get vinyl coverings for their paws. Soft Paws is just one of many brands you can buy. 

16. Catnip Growing

Save money by growing your own catnip in-house, plus you'll have it on hand at a moment's notice for your cat.

17. Vacuum Cat Litter

How annoying and frustrating is it when bits of cat litter fall into hard-to-clean places? Now you don't have to worry if you screw a ketchup top to the end of your vacuum; you can get rid of every dirt or litter's hiding place.

18. Toilet Roll Tuck

If your cat enjoys rolling out the toilet paper in your bathroom by tucking in the roll the other way to face the wall, it makes it more challenging for your cat to unroll the toilet paper in excess.

19. Rubber Gloves 

Rubber gloves can do more for you than simply help you wash dishes. You can use such gloves to remove your cat's Hair from all the upholstery in your home.

20. DIY Cat Bed

You can easily sew two IKEA GOSIG toy baskets to make your cat their very own hideaway bed.

21. Flea Trap

Keep fleas away and your cat safe by lighting a candle. Fleas will come to the candle instead of your cat. Just remember to blow the candles out before you leave the house.

22. Shallow Food Plate

In order to keep your cat from eating too fast and throwing up, serving your cat's food on a shallow plate will help prevent that.

23. Double-Sided Tape on Furniture

To prevent your cat from jumping on surfaces you don't want them to, like your favorite lounge chair, you can line them with double-sided tape to keep them from getting on them. Cat's don't like to step on sticky things.

24. Food Pitcher

Use a plastic pitcher as a place to keep your cat food, so it makes it easy to pour when it is time to serve your cat their food. 

25. Dryer Sheet to Remove Hair

If your cat sheds excessively onto you and your clothes, popping your clothes into the dryer with a dryer sheet removes that excess Hair quickly. You can even remove the Hair by simply rubbing a dryer sheet onto the affected area if you don't have a lint roller, and it'll do the trick.


Were you familiar with some of those hacks already? What is the hack you swear by the most? Try the ones you like, and don't forget to recommend them to a friend. You are now one step closer to making your home more cat friendly through several of these easy hacks.