27 Must Have Dog Items

By Denise Moore – March 8, 2022
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More and more people are fostering or adopting dogs into their homes, especially these days when working from home has become more common. Working from home has given people more time and opportunities to care for their furry four-legged friends in the best way. 

Now you may ask yourself, what is the best way to care for your dog? Here you can find the top 27 must-have items that help make your dog the happiest.

1. A Dog Crate 

A collapsable metal crate helps transport your dog easily from place to place. Wherever you go, your dog can now easily come along for the ride. 

2. Dog Bed

A dog bed is a must for dogs of all sizes; it helps designate their area and provides them comfort.

3. Collapsible Dog Bowls

Whether you are about to start a busy day with your dog or are about to embark on extended travel plans with your dog, a collapsible dog bowl is a must. It makes feeding or providing water on the go for your dog much more accessible.

4. A Dog Water Fountain 

Clean filtered water for your dog throughout the day even when you aren't home; what could be better than that? 

5. Dog Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are a must, especially if your dog is a chronic shedder of hair. It's essential to find the best and most effective one for your dog because a bad one can leave you with an even better mess.

6. Exercise Pen

If your dog doesn't have an exercise pen, now is the time to invest in one. Keeping your dog active is super important and having a pen allows your dog to be active even when sharing their space.

7. Dog Chews

Durable dog chews keep your dog both happy and healthy. They come in various flavors and are fun for your dog to play and gnaw on constantly.

8. Leash/Slip Collar

Slip collars are lightweight and can be put on your dog more quickly than others. Take the time to explore what kind of leach and collar fits your lifestyle and dog best. There are shorter leashes and longer ones, too. There are even ones that can switch lengths, so make sure to explore all the options.

9. Dog Wipes

Pet wipes make keeping your dog clean and tidy a challenge of the past. You can keep a pack in your car, purse, backpack, wherever you think you might need them, and have them easily accessible for you throughout the day. These are incredibly handy, especially if your dog tends to be messy.

10. On-the-Go Poop Bags

Poop bags are crucial for cleaning up after your dog. There are plenty of bags that come in convenient packs to take on the go. These bags are not only important for your dogs but also to keep your local areas clean for both you and your community.

11. Pouch for Treats

What dog owner doesn't love spoiling their dog with treats? These pouch holders for treats make finding treats for your dog easy amongst all your other stuff.

12. Pet Corrector 

Pet Corrector, when used, mimics a hissing sound that is harmless to your dog but can be used as a good reminder to calm down if your dog is approached by an aggressive dog or your dog becomes aggressive.

13. Spot cleaner

Having a dog can be messy, and accidents happen. This is why having a spot cleaner either at home or in your car can be useful in cleaning out those stubborn stains caused by your dog.

14. Travel Crate

An on-the-go travel create is great and useful for transporting your dog, especially during long trips you want your dog to travel in comfort.

15. Odor and Stain Remover

Order or stain removers are also products worth investing in. Liquids get knocked over, or things can begin to smell over time; therefore, these products help prolong the cleanliness of your favorite spaces for both you and your dog.

16. Nail Grinder

Grooming your dog comes with the territory of dog-owning. Most dogs find nail cutting uncomfortable, so investing in a nail grinder can improve this process for both you and your dog.

17. Eye Wash

Managing tear stains and preventing infections starts by getting a good eye cleaner for your dog. Such eyewashes for dogs help relieve uncomfortable dried mucous or prevent unwanted foreign materials that could easily find their way into the corners of your dog's eyes.

18. E-Collars

E-collars for your dog are super helpful when trying to train them. The collar sends physical feedback to stimulate your dog so he can tell the difference between good and bad behavior.

19. Dog Bath

Portable dog baths that you can take with you on the go, into your home, or into your backyard. What could be better than that? Now you have no excuse not to keep your dog shiny and clean.

20. Pet Dryer

There are dryers for pets now too! You don't have to worry about your dog roaming around wet and collecting the earth's filth underneath their paws now, you can dry them faster as soon as they get out of their baths.

21. Grooming Table

A grooming table makes grooming your dog much easier, especially if they like to squirm and run away as you try to do this. This challenge is part of your dog's routine, so anything to make this process easier is an investment worth making.

22. Cordless Vaccum 

If lint rollers can't keep up with all your dog's hair, then a cordless vacuum is your next best friend. This will suck up all that excess hair in no time at all, so you can spend extra time playing with your dog without worry.

23. Treat-Dispensing Toys 

Treat-Dispensing toys are a fun hack for you and your dog. These types of toys can keep your dog occupied for hours so they can keep having fun while you work.

24. Low-Calorie Treats

Health is super important to give your dog a long and healthy life. There are lots of treats to choose from, and it is recommended to select treats that are natural without added preservatives to give your dog the best vitamins and health benefits. Make sure to look at the labels and read the reviews before buying your treats.

25. Natural Edible Chews

These fun edibles entertain your dog throughout the day and help clean your dog's teeth and gums. While the act of chewing has benefits, too, chewing these edibles help remove tartar build-up and smooths over teeth.

26. Toy Bins

Dogs playing with their toys help to keep them active and healthy therefore wired or see-through toy bins are important. These types of bins help dogs see the toys that they have access to and encourage them to play throughout the day. 

27. Dog Camera 

A dog camera in your home helps you check-in and talk to your dog throughout the day, even when you aren't actually home. This way, you can be with your dog without actually being with them. It keeps your dog from feeling completely lonely and helps you monitor what your dog is up to when you aren't there.

Do you have some of these items already? Which item are you most excited to get? Remember that every dog is different with its own personality, so it is important to make sure that each item serves the needs of your dog in the best way and that you check all the brands available to you.