​Basic Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

By Karen Taylor – June 29, 2021
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Feng shui is a process that creates harmony between individuals and their surrounding environment using forces of energy. This ancient Chinese practice is still relevant today and has beneficial qualities for anyone willing to take the dive into feng shui in their own home.

Creating feng shui in your home can be fun and easy, but where do you start? We are here to help! We’ve come up with some helpful tips starting with the feng shui basics. Making even a few small changes in your home can change the entire space and help you create a better living environment. Feng shui makes everything better!

It is important to be mindful of the energy in your home and know how the energy influences your well-being. Rodika Tchi, a  feng shui and smudging expert, says to “make a habit of paying close attention to the so-called feng shui ‘trinity’ that is deeply connected to your health: your bedroom, your bathroom, and your kitchen. Nothing is static in the world of energy, so be wise and keep your home healthy and happy.”

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Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter  

Firstly, it is important to clear your home of things you do not need, do not use, and do not love. Why have something around, taking up space, if you aren’t finding use for it? If you are having doubts about throwing something out or donating it, you can hold on to it for a few days before making a final decision. If you don’t use it within a week, it’s probably a good idea to get rid of it. Cleaning this clutter is a time and energy consuming yet therapeutic process. Decluttering will help you lighten your load, and make your home feel more spacious and open.

You will be surprised when you realize how many unnecessary items you have in your home that are no longer serving you or bettering your everyday life. You will find things you didn’t even know you had! When you live in the same home for a long time it is only natural to accumulate a lot of things. It is always a good idea to go through what you have to see what you need, and what you have too much of. This first step is incredibly important because it is an essential step in creating a harmonious feng shui energy. It’s time to clear the clutter!

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Light and Air

Make sure you have good air quality and lots of natural or bright light!  These are two very important elements in creating a good feng shui energy.

Making sure you have good lighting in your home is very important. If you are lucky, you will get lots of natural light in your home. However, not everyone has the luxury of big windows in the right places. If you feel that your place is dull, invest in good lighting.

The second important element is high-quality air. Open the windows as often as you can to let in fresh air, and bring in air-purifying plants, natural is always the way to go if you can. You can also use an air purifier in your home to help reach the air quality levels you desire.. This will make you feel much happier when you wake up in the morning and when you come home from  a long day of work. There is nothing like a bright and aired - out home.


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Materials Matter

Get the basics of five feng shui elements to create balance and vibrant energy in your home! Rodika Tchi explains this method, “for example, if you are working on attracting more prosperity, you will introduce the feng shui elements of Wood and Water in the Southeast area of your house. If you need to improve your health, you will place lush plants representing the Wood feng shui element or pieces of wood furniture in the East area of your home.”

Even these three simple steps can help you explore the deeper levels of feng shui. You will feel and learn more about the annual movement of feng shui stars and energies as you continue the feng shui practices in your home. Start with these steps and soon you will be mastering the most complex aspects of feng shui all while reaping its blissful benefits.